Spring is just about to, well, spring.  We had some gorgeous weather this week and, despite the fact that my work has now flagged Pinterest as a malicious URL… they haven’t yet taken away my blogs.
Some of my favorite reads this week include:
- Kenzie (Cave Girl in the City) put together a festive, yet normal looking and super cute outfit to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Lovely day for a Guinness!!
- Jenna (Eat, Live, Run) became a Noonday Collection Ambassador.  I’d never heard of the company, but their accessories are lovely, affordable, and support an amazing cause.
- Erin (Apartment 34) put together a fabulous round-up of Kilim Rugs.  Love this trend.  It is such a great way to bring some warmth and rich color/texture into otherwise modern spaces.
- Last, but not at all least, Hayley (The Tiny Twig) wrote some beautiful words about not being able to do everything… and accepting that.  My favorite part:
That means I’d have to admit that I’m not good at everything
and I can’t do it all.
And that stings.
And, I even hate that it stings.
Of course, I want also to be awesome at humility.
I want to be good at everything,including but not limited to humility.
I can relate to that post all too well.
And with that, I’m off to try and accomplish too much this weekend ;)

(recap next week…)

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